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Bike Fitting - Upper Nyack Bike Shop

Optimizing frame size and geometry is critical to achieve comfort, performance and injury prevention.

Whether you’re looking for a competitive edge or new to cycling, nothing can improve your riding experience as much as a professional bike fit. We’ve invested in the best training and technology to provide the most comprehensive fit services available.

We use the Body Geometry Fit method to understand your goals and measure your physical capabilities and strengths. Then we adjust the bike to you and recommend solutions to improve comfort and enjoyment on the bike. Once your fit is complete, we use the Zin digital bike measuring tool to provide you with accurate final measurements of the bike.

To provide you with personal focus and the highest quality bike fit experience all fits are done by appointment only. Your fit may involve changing a stem, handlebar, or saddle. Parts and labor charges for installation may be added to the price for the fit. Please bring your bike, cycling shoes, riding shorts, and jersey to your scheduled fit to get the best possible result.

Call to schedule your fit appointment today or contact Tony Murray at 9W Bikes.


A bike sizing will get you rolling in a safe and comfortable manner. It includes selecting an appropriate size bike and then adjusting the saddle height, saddle setback, bar position and rotation to work best for your body. Sizings can be performed on road, mountain, triathlon, time trial or track bikes. This service is included with the purchase of a new bicycle.


Body Geometry Fit is a process starting with a rider profile interview, followed by a 20 step physical assessment and 15 step on-the-bike equipment adjustments. Afterwards, your Body Geometry Specialist will provide you with thorough documentation and schedule a follow up session to ensure your satisfaction with your final position. This process is scientifically proven to improve knee tracking, reduce injury and increase power, and is the same method that is used with top professional riders in all cycling disciplines. 

All fits by appointment only. We do this to ensure that we are able to give you the time and attention required for this one-on-one assessment. Can’t make it down to the shop?  We can arrange for your fitting or custom bicycle purchase to take place at your home or office. For more information including pricing and scheduling please give us a call anytime during normal business hours. If you wish to e-mail our fitters please choose the appropriate shop from below:

9W Bikes Nyack
530 N Highland Ave
Upper Nyack NY 10960