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Commuter Checklist - 9W Bikes
Commuting to work or getting around town by bicycle is a great way to save the planet. It's also good on your wallet, not to mention great exercise too! Use this checklist to help prepare for the best ride experience. However, you will not need every item listed here. And remember safety always comes first, so go out and have a great, safe time!

You Cannot Begin Without These Two

 Bike (City, Hybrid, Road, Mountain, Track)    Helmet (should never be optional)

Step 1 - Main Options (based on your own individual needs)

Key Transit Items

 Water (bottles or hydration pack)  Eye protection (sunglasses or clear lenses)
 Street map  Medical info/emergency contact card
 First-aid items  Lock

Repair Items

 Spare tube or tubes (and/or patch kit)  Pump
 Tire levers  Cycling multi-tool (with Allen wrenches)

Storage and Equipment

 Backpack, waistpack or hydration pack  Handlebar bag
 Messenger (sling) bag  Cargo rack plus trunk bag
 Saddle (underseat) bag  Panniers
 Headlight  Mirror (for handlebar or helmet)
 Taillight (with blinking option)  Fenders
 Bell  Straps or bungee cords


  Rainwear   Leg straps for pants
  Stowaway wind jacket   Shoe or toe covers
  Insulation Layer for cool air   Visibility vest


 Cash/credit card/ID  Toilet paper/tissue
 Cell phone  Chamois cream/skin lotion
 Sunscreen  Lip balm

Step 2 - Post-Ride Items (to carry with you or have at your final destination)

 Change of clothing  Toiletry kit
 Off-bike footwear  Towel/washcloth

Step 3 - More Gear to Consider...

 Padded shorts or tights  Energy food/gels/drinks
 Wicking jersey or top  Cycling computer / GPS
 Gloves  Heart rate monitor
 Bike-specific footwear  Patch kit (and/or spare tube/tubes)
 Cycling socks  Pressure gauge
 Buff/bandana/skullcap  Lubricant
 Small, quick-dry towel (for cleanups)  C02 inflater (with cartridge)
 Baby wipes (another cleanup option)  Strips of duct tape (for repairs)