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Professional Bike Shipping - 9W
Let us Ship or Receive your bike!   

9W Bikes is a full-service shop. As a service to our customers, our qualified staff professionally packs your bike for travel.

  • Our staff will partially disassemble your bike to fit securely inside a bike box.
  • Then we will pack your bike properly inside a bike box for airplane travel or ground shipping. 
  • We can then arrange for shipping via air or ground with one of our preferred carriers.
Let 9W Bikes be your destination address too!

Say you are planning on riding in the Grand Fondo New York or competing in the NYC Tri, or just shipping your bike from out of town or another country, you can arrange to have it sent to one of out three shops. Once received, our master mechanics can unbox your bike, reassemble it and have you ready to ride in no time! We will store your box and then rebox and ship it back home for you!

Prices vary for each service, so for more information on our bike boxing and bike shipping/receiving services, please contact us.

Trico Sports Iron Case- Rentals
  • Hard case to pack your bike for airplane travel or UPS shipping.  Fits both road and mountain bikes.  Holds one bicycle.
  • Rental fees:  $75 for one week. 
  • If you travel frequently with your bike, note that you can purchase a new Trico Sports Iron Case here.

Contact us to make a Travel Case Rental Reservation.