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9W Bikes Roadside Assistance
9W Bike Shop Is At Your Service!

No matter how well prepared you are, mechanical issues such as a broken chain or bent wheel can occur. If you find yourself in a bind, please give us a call at 845-358-3455 and we'll try to come help you out. We"ll assist you on 9W or bring you back to our shop to repair your bike. We can even lend you a spare wheel to help you get on your way! 

If you have a medical emergency, dial 911.

Must Have Items To Carry On Your Rides

  1. Spare Tube
  2. Patch Kit
  3. Tire Levers
  4. Pump or CO2 Inflators
  5. Multi-Tool
  6. Cell Phone
  7. Identification/Money/Insurance Card

These essential items will help you be as self-reliant as possible. So be responsible and learn how to fix a flat tire. You'll thank yourself when you're back in the saddle soon after a problem arises!